Neigh-bours Breed Parade

Representing the SA Boerperd


In June 2013, Lang Carel Tiptol and I had the opportunity of representing our Breed at the Neigh-bours Equestrian Event as part of the day’s displays. We had a wonderful time and after showing off for a while, we were able to interact with the members of the public. He was perfectly behaved, loved the attention and put in quite a sulk when we left the arena afterwards! What a star. The SA Boerperd is South Africa’s only registered indigenous equine breed, and it has a long and distinguished origin. The Breed really came into its own during the Anglo Boer War and in 1905, shortly after the war, it was decided that the remaining horses should be preserved and recognised as a Breed in its own right. These horses are hardy, have strong hooves that often don’t need shoeing, they are good doers and are extremely human friendly. They are fantastic sport horses and excel at almost every discipline. I am honoured to work with one of the top SA Boerperd breeding stallions in the country.


These are just a few pictures from the day:

Chatting to the Crowds

On Our Way to the Parade

Getting All Spiffed Up

Getting Ready

On Our Way - All Excited!

Just before the parade, we had time to work in a little bit of Dressage too! Not his best tests ever but I really enjoyed it!

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