2010 News

Despite all attempts to sit down and actually write for the blog, I have been kept very busy with not only work, a divorce and a move... but also trying to show my boy and teach pupils on top of it. The showing is taking a front seat at the moment, as we are working our way towards the big classes at Pretoria Show in late August. Pee Wee is going superbly - he looks amazing and now we only have to try and keep him lookg and feeling as great as he does right now. Our Pre-Pretoria sow is coming up this weekend, and we will be doing our best to win the In-Hand and Show Hunter classes so we can go into the big event next month on a high note.

I have been focusing a lot on fitness with the boy, being a big heavy Warmblood, they tend to be a lot less fit than their TB or TB Cross counterparts and it shows in the ring. So he has been going out for gallops 3 times a week, plus one big ride of about 15km every Sunday, with big uphills and varied terrain. It is paying off for sure, as he is now fitter and more energetic than ever before and he is looking wonderful! He has dropped a lot of weight as well, which is making the jumping easier and his Dressage is looking great - he is using his body when working which is amazing to sit on.

After always joking when asked about his heritage - "he is half Elephant" - I was tickled pink to find out when I got his papers the other day that his mother is, in fact, called "Jumbo"! It all makes sense now.... :-)

I promise an update soon - will let everyone know how our show goes this weekend and hopefully will have a pic or two to post!

If anyone has questions they want answered, or something they would like me to write about - shout! I am happy to do so.
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