Upcoming Event: Alexander Technique-Based Riding Lessons

Claudia Berndt writes to us:

I'm looking at organising one or two clinics with Desiree du Pisanie in March 2012 in Pretoria. The clinics would each be run over three days with one lesson per rider per day. The cost is expected to be around R2000 per rider. Her teaching can be combined with any training system so this will benefit you whether you're a show jumper or a dressage rider. I had lessons with her earlier this year and found them very helpful. The clinics would both be over weekends so that riders would need to take limited time off work to participate. If kids want to join, I can put their lessons in the afternoon so they don't need to miss school.

Desiree, a South African by birth, has been living in Portugal for many years with her husband Gonzalo Oliveira (Nuno Oliveira’s grandson).
She has been involved with Lusitano horses for quite some time and lives her passion for academic and classical riding to the full. She would also like to share this passion with you.

Desiree has been teaching and practising the Alexander technique for over 27 years with very good feedback. Her back problems also stopped some 27 years ago.

She combines the Alexander technique with classical dressage principles and facilitates a dialogue between the two bodies in a way that is logical and without force for the horse.

Being an equine physiotherapist (Germany) and qualified “Master Body Worker” (UK) she has a profound knowledge of the human and equine anatomy, making her teaching techniques an in-depth experience, from the inside-out and not the other way around. She studied physical rehabilitation for horses, as well as sports massage and rehabilitation for humans. The extra knowledge is beneficial, as she can explain the biomechanical reactions with reasons as to why it has survived throughout classical riding for over 5 centuries, and why we still practise certain movements the way we do today.

Desiree teaches riders of all levels on all types of horses, as communication between horse and rider is important on any level.

For More Information please contact her on claudia@hahn.co.za

Picture courtesy of Desiree's site: http://www.desiree-dupisanie.de/index.html

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