Blessed Festive Season Wishes

I would like to wish all of you a Blessed and Beautiful Festive Season. This has been a turbulent year for most of us and keeping our four hooved friends happy and healthy has been quite a challenge! Money has been tight, most of us have spent more time in the office and less with our horses and the year sped by at such a pace that I am struggling to catch my breath! My wish for 2009 is MORE horses, MORE time and MORE fun!

I have so many half finished posts sitting here on my PC and my aim for early 2009 is to get them all up and posted and add new things every month so you guys can keep reading, keep learning and keep enjoying the site. My personal aims for 2009 also include more shows with my new boy Pee Wee and to get back into some Showjumping too! (As opposed to hiding out in the Showing and Dressage arenas!)

Look forward to a great year ahead and can't wait to get going!


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