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Trotting poles- What is the stride for a 16.2 TB between 3 troting poles in feet and meters. Cantering poles- What is the stride for 4 cantering poles in feet and meters for same horse. And last what is the canter pole stride in meter and feet before a jump? Thanks


Here are some guidelines for you. (Below are the official SANEF Equitation Test guidelines, so will be what you may find at a show)

Distances between Trotting poles : 1.40m

Distances between canter poles: 2.80m – 3m

Placing Pole to a Cross Fence: 2.80m

Distance between Bounce Fences: 3.50m

These are distances incorporating feet that I have referenced from my British Teaching Manuals: (remembering that they take ponies into account too, so go with the bigger distance!)

Distances between Trotting poles : 1.20 to 1.50m (4-5 ft)

Distances between canter poles: 2.80m – 3.7m (9 – 12 ft)

Placing Pole to a Cross Fence: 2.5 - 2.80m (8 – 9 ft)

Distance between Bounce Fences: 3.35 - 3.7m (11 – 12 ft)

The distance between the poles remains the same, no matter how many you have. I would recommend you start with the official SANEF distances before changing them to suit your horse and training purposes. Also, it is always good to have someone on the ground to check that your horse is landing nicely in the middle of each distance, so that you know you are doing it right! I would do anything more advanced than trot and canter poles under the guidance of my instructor!

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