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I would like to mix my own feeds. I have finally devised a recipe and I now need to buy the raw materials. I am however having a problem sourcing the materials. Feed merchants will be a bit more expensive so I want to see if I can source it from somewhere else. But where? The larger grain merchants only do large batches to feed maunfactuerors and not to single people like me. If there is anyone that can help PLEASE let me know!


Thanks for the question. Without knowing exactly what area you fall in, it is a bit tricky to give you exact advice, however I would start with the following contacts. (I must add that one must be very sure that when anybody decides to mix their own feed, it is done using sound scientific principles and that they have consulted with professionals on the exact requirements of the horse. Simply adding a few common ‘horse feed ingredients’ like oats, bran and mielies together will not only probably not be balanced, you could actually be causing your horse harm.)
In the Gauteng area, you can give Groenvoer a call. They make their own horse feed, but also stock a wide range of base ingredients that you may need. They will also be able to advise you on other suppliers to try. Call them on (011) 314 1211 or request a pricelist by Fax on (011) 314 1156. The staff at Farm Fresh Feeds are also able to advise you on sourcing ingredients – call them on (012) 6681890.
If you are outside the Gauteng area, I would try getting in touch with Agri South Africa on (012) 300 9500 and explain your situation. They may be able to direct you to a Co-op or supplier in your area. You could try Grain SA on (056) 515 0918. Try to find a Co-Op (Agricultural Cooperative) in your area – they should be able to help you as well.
I really hope this helps and I wish you luck. I must just stress again that you need to be exactly sure that your mix is balanced and that it is formulated to your horse’s individual requirements.

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