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Hi Renee / Larize,
i think that was a good question,i also didnt know that and i have been with horses for many years... i can feel my cheeks going red...
Renee, while on the topic would you be able to please also advise the uses of stable banadages, because this is also something that I have never used, and dont know really why anyone would.. hope I dont sound too ignorrant now!
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Stable bandages differ from exercise bandages in that they are less elastic and are sometimes a little broader. They are often made of a felt-type material. While a little less elastic than exercise bandages, the need for padding under stable bandages is no less important. The same dangers apply to stable bandages, and injury can be caused by overtight, unevenly applied bandages, as it can with stretchy exercise bandages. They are applied to more of the limb - often running from the knee or hock to just below the fetlocks or lower.

Stable bandages have a broader use and are useful in the following cases:

- Horses that injure one limb will naturally place more weight on the healthy limb, which often causes the healthy leg to swell. Stable bandages apply pressure to the legs, causing less filling. Ideally, they can be applied to both legs and will reduce filling. Horses confined to their stables will also get filled legs because they are not moving around as much. Bandages will help prevent this. Also, in the situation where a knee or hock is bandaged, stable bandages serve as an anchor and prevent swelling below the knee or hock bandage.

- Stable bandages offer a measure of protection in the stable. Often useful with horses that get tend to get cast in the stable or horses that like to fight with their neighbors and injure their legs in the process.

- They are often used in the case of injury, where dressings or gauze must be held in place. Also after surgery to the limbs. It also keeps wounds clean, as the bedding can get into a wound and irritate it. (Keeps flies off a wound too!)

- Stable bandages are useful when transporting horses. They are a little more secure than travelling boots and can offer more protection to the legs.

- In very cold areas, especially in Europe, stable bandages are used at night to keep horses warm.

I hope that helps a little. Again, for pictures, please go to Let me know if you have any more questions

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