Show List

A Comprehensive Checklist of Items to Pack!

Basic First Aid Kit (Rider)
Folding Chairs
Umbrella / Canopy
Cash and Wallet
Snacks and Fluids
Sun Hat
Horse Passport
Show Entries / Proof of Payment / Timetable
Map to Show Premises
Rider Show Number
Pen and Paper
Show Tests
Warm Jacket / Raincoat
Spare Clothes
Rider Membership Card if Any
Plastic Bags
Wet Wipes / Cloth
Buckets / Tack Tray

Riding Hat / Helmet / Cap
Helmet Cover if Using
Show Shirt
Stock if Using
Tie / Collar if Using
Stock Pin / Badge if Using
Showing Jacket Rosette
Show Jacket
Boots / Gaiters and Boots
Socks / Stockings under Boots
Hair Net / Clips / Hairbrush
Saftey Pins
Alternative Footwear if Required
Riding Crop
Medical Armband if Required

Showing Browband if Required
Spare Bridle if Possible
Numnuh plus Spare
Exercise Bandages / Boots
Girth plus Spare
Day Sheet / Sweat Rug
Night Rug if required
Rain Sheet if required
Grooming Kit (See detail)
Coat Shine
Plaiting Thread / Elastics
Hoof Varnish / Hoof Oil
Shoe Polish (Black / Brown)
Leather Oil / Polish
Insulation Tape (in desired colour)
Baby Oil
Baby Powder / Maizina
Mane and Tail Spray / Mr Min
Glitter / Face Sparkle if Needed
Hair Gel
Hair Spray
Quarter Marker if Needed
Battery Operated Clippers
Spare Halter and Lead Rope
Fly Spray
Face Wipes

Travelling Boots / Bandages
Tail Guard / Bandage
Travelling Rug
Poll Guard
Halter and Lead
Teff Net for Box
Lunge Line

Grain / Feed
Roughage (Teff / Hay / etc)
Hay Net
Water Bucket
Electrolytes / Supplements
Bedding as reqirued
Paddock Setup as Required
Broom / Rake as Required
Water if Required
Lunge Kit
Basic Equine First Aid Kit

Rubber Curry Comb
Body Brush
Dandy Brush
Water Brush
Hair Brush
Mane Comb
Sheepskin Polish
Hoof Pick
Cotton Wool / Earbuds
Sweat Scraper
Shampoo / Conditioner



Tips For Your Show:

Dirty tack is a complete no-no. The bridle, reins, saddle, and other leather items must be spotless and supple. Clean all items, and condition them well in advance.
Bits and buckles should gleam in the sunlight.

The day before the show, clip your horse's ears, face, and bridle path. Clip his legs and fetlocks, unless he is a Fresian or other feathered-fetlock breed.

Pamper your show-horse with full bath and complete grooming. Scrub all socks and white markings until they shine. Pay special attention to the base of the mane and the tail because any dirt or dandruff will show up when you plait immediately!

Braid your horse's mane and forelock, according to the standards of your riding discipline. Braids should be tight, neat and should show off your horse’s best features. Loose, floppy plaits held together by plaiting bands is not acceptable.

Approved show clothing, clean and neatly pressed, is a must. Hair should be well-groomed and tucked up in the appropriate headwear. For longer-haired riders, a hairnet is essential. A ponytail is fine for schooling but a definite no-no in the show arena. Spit-shined tall boots with shiny spurs are a must. (Ask a trusted friend to dust off your boots after you are aboard.)
Remember to always smile and show some affection to your horse and to the judges - they will like that.

Learn your tests and know the rules! Forgetting your test and making silly mistakes is a waste of an outing and will spoil your whole day!

If you did not get the best ribbon today, be a good looser and make sure to congratulate the winners, that is the best sportsmanship and will get recognized in the long run!

Remember to always do your best and show everyone your prized horse and study the way the winners prepared and competed if you were not a winner today.

Tantrums and blaming it all on your horse or mom is a sign of immaturity and a poor rider! Everyone has bad shows – learn from your mistakes and try harder next time!

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Excellent Post! Cheer's to temper tantrum free riders.


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