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Question: Horses Tail (Grooming)

Hi Guys
What to use on a horses tail to promote growth?
Thank you

Answer: Horses Tail (Grooming)
By Renee

Hi Debz,
Horse's tails can be very tricky to maintain and grow out, but here are a few ideas that might help. Firstly, remember that hair growth and type is largely controlled by genetics, and while you can help your horse's tail grow to the best of that genetic blueprint, you are not going to get more that what the blueprint allows. That said, you will be able to improve things vastly by trying the following tips:
Like with hooves, good tail growth happens from inside out! Thus, to improve the quality of growth, you should be feeding a hoof supplement that contains the following ingredients- (all of which are important in healthy hoof and hair growth) biotin, methionine, zinc, B group vitamins,copper, silica, MSM. These ingredients will ensure that your horse has all he needs to create new healthy hair. (the bonus will be that his hooves will say thank you too!)
Next, your horse should be on some type of oil supplementation to ensure Enough Omega 3 and lysine which is vital in maintaining a healthy coat. Of course, there are numerous other benefits to oil supplementation which you will notice too! I would recommend a half cup of sunflower oil given in feed twice daily.
To prevent breakage and damage to the tail, it is recommended that you braid up his tail. This involves, washing the tail well, leaving in conditioner and then plaiting the hair only part of his tail tot he end, folding it up and sewing it into a tail bag or even old sock. You can plait it into strips of old sheets, like the Arabian ownerslike to do. An old sock works just as well. Your horse will still be able to have use of his tail, but the reduced breakage menas that after a few months, his tail will probably hanging on the ground! Re-wash and tie up every 2 to 4 weeks. The showing fraternity in the States and Britain often use this method to grow out their horse's tails.
Another remedy that I have tried is a substance called Bay Rum. You can get it at your local pharmacy. It is supposed to stimulate hair growth. After washing the tail, massage the Bay Rum into the skin. It does have a slight heating effect on your hands, so I suspect it works by increasing circulation to the skin, encouraging hair growth. (that or the massage!) It seems to work.
Never comb or brush the tail - only ever use your fingers to untangle it. I use a very broad toothed comb to gently untangle only when there is conditioner on the tail.
I have been told by a human hairdresse that silicon, also often found in horse sheen products and mane and tail detanglers, actually seals and dries out the hair from the inside, causing breakage. So be careful with silicon based products.
I trust this information is helpful - your bascic principles are : improve the quality of hair from the inside, prevent breakage and maintain!

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